The UK Overseas Territories are home to a dazzling rainbow of wildlife that is over 20 times greater than the biodiversity of the United Kingdom. At least 1,000 unique plant and animal species call the Territories home, as well as thousands of non-endemic and non-native taxa…. and the inventory is far from complete.

This great diversity of wildlife reflects the scattered geography of the Territories. Distributed across all seven seas, the Territories range from the equator to the South pole. Across these varied latitudes, the Territories also differ in their geology, age, temperature ranges and local weather conditions. All of these factors combine to enable a multitude of ecosystems to arise, including virtually every major habitat-type on Earth.

On land, the Territories include arid deserts, rainforests, tropical dry forest, cacti scrub, montane cloudforest, temperate forest and heath, grasslands, tundra and icy wastes.

Underwater, the Territories are home to coral reefs, deep tropical waters, temperate reefs, sea mounts, kelp forests, and icy polar waters.

Although many of the UK Overseas Territories consist of small islands that may resemble pinpricks on the globe, many are disproportionately important as refuges and breeding colonies to which migratory animals travel great distances (hundreds or even thousands of kilometres) and often in staggering numbers. Some of the UK Overseas Territories are home to wildlife spectacles that can truly be described as among the greatest concentrations of animals found anywhere on Earth (South Georgia being a particular shining example).

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Overview of the UK Overseas Territories

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