Conservation across the UK Overseas Territories

The UK Overseas Territories are home to 20 times the biodiversity of the UK, with at least 1,000 unique species that occur nowhere else on Earth. Since many of the Territories comprise small, isolated oceanic islands, their ecosystems have often evolved in isolation from the rest of the world. This has driven the emergence of the staggering diversity of unique life that arises across the Territories, but equally has resulted in the Territory’s wildlife and ecosystems proving exceptionally fragile and vulnerable to impact.

Sadly, across many of the UK Overseas Territories, settlement by humans has often brought environmental damage, particularly through the introduction of non-native plant and animal species.

Across the Territories, hundreds of endemic and non-endemic plants and animals have been pushed close to the brink of extinction. In some cases, species have been lost and are now extinct. But for the last few decades, dedicated and inspiring teams of conservationists are working intensively across the Territories to safeguard the dazzling rainbow of wildlife that survives across Britain’s overseas lands, and in many cases, work is being undertaken to restore and regenerate ecosystems to natural or near-natural states. As many of the Territories represent concentrated breeding hot-spots for migratory animals, in many cases, this conservation work is of global importance.

Hundreds of exciting and inspiring conservation projects are being undertaken across the UK Overseas Territories. To learn more about some of these efforts, please watch the 42 mini-documentaries CLICK HERE (one of the mini-documentaries specifically focuses on conservation, and can be viewed below).

The Britain’s Treasure Islands natural history book documents conservation work on many of the Overseas Territories in detail. CLICK HERE for more information.

And several key conservation stories are explored in detail in the Britain’s Treasure Islands TV documentary series – CLICK HERE


UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum

If you would like to learn more about the wildlife of the UK Overseas Territories, and the conservation work that is taking place, please visit the website of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum:

UKOTCF is the only organisation that is solely devoted to conserving wildlife across the Territories. It is a UK-based charity with a small but dedicated team that consists mainly of highly skilled volunteers. Over the past 30 years, the Forum has brought together a federation of on-the-ground conservation organisations in the Territories and key supporting conservation bodies and specialists in Britain. The UKOTCF network labours tirelessly to promote and support the protection of the Territories’ globally important wildlife, habitats and heritage. The Forum’s website includes hundreds of photographs, reports and updates. Please consider supporting this important work by becoming a friend of the UKOTs. Information is available on the website or by emailing:




Conservation Lessons of the UK Overseas Territories


Read more about the wildlife, history and cultural heritage of all of the UK Overseas Territories in the 704 page Britain’s Treasure Islands book (CLICK HERE).

Watch 42 ‘mini-documentaries’ that explore the wildlife, cultures and history of all of the UK Overseas Territories (CLICK HERE).