Britain’s Treasure Islands is a project by Stewart McPherson that aims to showcase the wildlife, cultures and history of all of the UK Overseas Territories.

This project has five main outputs:

(1) a natural history book (CLICK HERE).
(2) a broadcast TV natural history documentary series  (CLICK HERE).
(3) 42 mini-documentaries for release online as a permanent and free educational resource (CLICK HERE).
(4) this website, which is intended as a permanent resource to showcase information and photographs of all of the UK Overseas Territories.
(5) to actively help the UK Overseas Territories and raise money to support their conservation. Over £20,000 has been raised and donated to day (CLICK HERE).

Information on each of the outputs can be found on the pages of this website. It is hoped that these outputs will contribute to raising a greater awareness of the UK Overseas Territories, and their extraordinary natural and cultural heritage.

Hundreds of individuals across the Overseas Territories and other parts of the globe have contributed to this project in various ways. In particular, thanks are owed to the following:

Ascension Island: Andrew Avery, Lorna Cook, Paul Cook, Jacqui Ellick, Nathan Fowler, Derren Fox, Brendan Godley, Marc Holland, Rachel Holland, Geoff Jones, Phil Lambdon, Catherine Leo, Helen Scott, Jolene Sim, Stedson Stroud, Dane Wade, Janine Wade, Nicola Weber, Sam Weber, Colin Wells and Natasha Williams. Also: the Ascension Island Government, Ascension Island Conservation Department, Ascension Heritage Society, Ascension Island Museum and the Royal Air Force.

Saint Helena: the late George Benjamin, Rebecca Cairns-Wicks, Mark Capes, Lucy Ceasar, Nikki Chapman, Andrew Darlow, Michael Dean, Eddie Duff, Darren Duncan, Charles Frater, Julia Frater, Kevin George, Jeremy Harris, Katrine Herian, Chris Hillman, Deni Leo, Trevor Mayellan, Jodie Mills, Steffen Oppel, Tara Pelembe, Isabel Peters, Robert Peters, Ben Sansom, Kathy Squires, Joan Thomas, Vanessa Thomas, Edward Thorpe, Mike Thorpe, Nick Thorpe, Juliet Vickery, Paul Welbourn and Kedell Worboys. Also: the Saint Helena Government, Saint Helena Environment Management Department, Nature Resources Department of St Helena, Saint Helena National Trust, Wirebird Team, Saint Helena Museum, Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd and the staff of the RMS Saint Helena.

Tristan da Cunha: Chris Bates, Chris Carnegy, Geoff Fridjohn, Conrad Glass, James Glass, Trevor Glass, Amy Green, Anne Green, Cynthia Green, Harold Green, Richard Grundy, Katrine Herian, Rohan Holt, Jim Kerr, Holly Latham, Lourens Malan, Eric McKenzie, Gavin McLeod, Alex Mitham, Hasene Mitham, Edwina O’Mahoney, Kobus Potgieter, Dawn Repetto, Gary Repetto, Geraldine Repetto, Julian Repetto, Lorraine Repetto, Paul Repetto, Sue Scott, George Swain and Neil Swain. Also: the Tristan da Cunha Government, Tristan da Cunha Island Council, Tristan da Cunha Conservation Department, Tristan da Cunha Fisheries and Conservation Department, and Arnold Halberstadt of the vessel Supreme Lady.

Falkland Islands: Samantha Addison, Andrea Barlow, Arlette Betts, Paul Brickle, Sukey Cameron, Darren Christie, Michael Clarke, Sarah Crofts, David Doxford, James Fenton, Jenny Luxton, Guy Marot, Stephen Massam, Paul McCarthy, Rob McGill, Richard McKee, David Pole Evans, Sue Pole Evans, Mike Rendell, Nick Rendell, Lorena Rivas, Leona Roberts, Peter Roberts, Marlene Short, Jimmy Smith, Roy Smith, Sandra Smith, David Spivack, Georgina Strange, Ian Strange, Kristina Vincent and Peter Young. Also: the Falkland Islands Government, Falklands Conservation, Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust, New Island Conservation Trust, Wildlife Conservation Society and the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department.

South Georgia: Jane Bevan, Jenny Bonner, Martin Collins, Keiron Fraser, Jennifer Lee, Sarah Lurcock, Richard McKee, Alison Neil and Susannah Penn. Also: the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia Heritage Trust, Jérôme Poncet of the Golden Fleece, Dion Poncet of the Hans Hansson, and the crews of both vessels, as well as Alissa Breit, Robert Breit, Sam Breit, James Dong, Jonathan Eames, Wesley Fairhall, Anthony Flemming, Jeremy Holden, Eric Lew, Julie Lipski, William Ng, Brian Quinn, Achut Reddy, Simon Smith, Andy Summers and Dennis Varouxis.

British Antarctic Territory: Henry Burgess, Julie Coleman and the Polar Regions Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

British Indian Ocean Territory: Peter Carr, Rupert Compston, Tom Moody, Anne Sheppard, Charles Sheppard, Jon Slayer and Helen Stevens. Also: the British Indian Ocean Territory Administration, Anita Bagshaw and Jeremy Bagshaw of the Jerrican, the crew of the Ithubaaru 3, and Mohamed Kudu of Blue n White Production Coordinators.

Pitcairn Islands: Dave Brown, Lee Brown, Emily Christian, Jacqui Christian, Julie Christian, Michele Christian, Nadine Christian, Randy Christian, Shawn Christian, Steve Christian, Melva Evans, Darralyn Griffiths, Robert Irving, Leslie Jaques, Heather Menzies, Sue O’Keefe, Allan Trow, Carol Warren, Jay Warren, Marvis Warren, Meralda Warren, Mike Warren, Nola Warren, Pawl Warren, Reynold Warren, Brian Young, Kari Young, Kerry Young, Shirley Young and Simon Young. Also: the Government of the Pitcairn Islands, Pitcairn Island Council, Pitcairn Island Museum, and Matt Jolly and the crew of the Claymore II, as well as Herbert Ford and the Pitcairn Islands Study Center.

Bermuda: Alison Copeland, Chris Flook, Jeremy Madeiros, Andi Pearl, Andrew Pettit, Jean Pierre, Philippe Rouja, Lucinda Spurling and Ian Walker. Also: the Government of Bermuda, Bermuda National Trust, Bermuda Department of Conservation Services, and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Cayman Islands: Badir Awe, the late Lois Blumenthal, Margaret Buchanan, Fred Burton, Mat Cottam, Keino Daley, Gina Ebanks-Petrie, Mauvis Gore, Guy Harvey, Jim Hellemn, Bradley Johnson, Sean Kerby, Stuart Mailer, John Marotta, Croy McCoy, Christina McTaggart Pineda, Keith Neale, Neil van Niekerk, Rupert Ormond, Wallace Platts, George Schellenger, Brice Semmens, Mike Vallee, Danielle Watler and Paul Watler. Also: the Government of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Department of Environment, National Trust for the Cayman Islands, Blue Iguana Recovery Program and the Grouper Moon Project.

British Virgin Islands: Emily Goodnight, Dane Hunter, Lianna Jarecki, Ronald Massicott, Nancy Woodfield Pascoe, Todd van Sickle, Rhondi Skelton, Joseph Smith Abbott and Lynda Varlack. Also: the Government of the Virgin Islands, National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands, Department of Environment and Fisheries, Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, and the Jost van Dyke Preservation Society

Montserrat: Sarah-Louise Adams, Laura Bambini, Paul Cole, James ‘Scriber’ Daley, Calvin Fenton, Eudora Fergus, Sarita Francis, Camille Gerald, Gerard Gray, David Lea, Lloyd Martin, Stephen Mendes, Deloris Mullings, Philemon ‘Mappie’ Murrain, Henry Odbert, Janice Panton, Jon Stone, Jean White and Dominque Witter. Also: the Government of Montserrat, Montserrat National Trust, Department of Environment and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

Anguilla: Devon Carter, Rhon Connor, Karim Hodge, Kenneth Hodge, Oliver Hodge, Clarissa Lloyd, Farah Mukhida, Colville Petty, Janeczka Richardson, Andre Samuel, Calvin Samuel and Aurjul Wilson. Also: the Government of Anguilla, Anguilla National Trust, Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Anguilla Heritage Collection Museum, and the Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Ethlyn Gibbs-Williams, Bryan Naqqi Manco, Peter Richardson, Eric Salamanca, Amdeep Sanghera, Patricia Saxton, Philip Shearer, David M. Stone and Henry Wilson. Also: the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos National Museum, Turks and Caicos National Trust, Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, and the Turks and Caicos Islands Turtle Project team.

Akrotiri and Dhekelia: Pantelis Charilou, Thomas Hadjikriakou, Paul Newbegin, Alexia Perdiou and David Renolds. Also: the Sovereign Base Area Administration, the Royal Air Force and the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre.

Gibraltar: Robert Azopardi, Keith Bensusan, John Cortes, Clive Crisp, Darren Fa, Tessa Feeney, Nicholas Ferrary, Clive Finlayson, Geraldine Finlayson, Stewart Finlayson, Janine Galliano, Brian Gomila, Dylan Gomila, Tyson Lee Holmes, Leslie Linares, Jason Mesilio, Vincent Minda, Karl Netto, Charlie Perez, Albert Poggio, Vincent Robba, Eric Shaw, Eyleen Shell, Julia Springett, Liesl Torres, Stephen Warr and Kathy van Zyl. Also: the Government of Gibraltar, Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society and the Gibraltar Museum.

Thanks also to Colin Clubbe, Martin Hamilton and Rebecca Upson of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, for their advice and help in the planning stage of this project and for the assistance that they offered in making crucial introductions on my behalf to contacts across the UK Overseas Territories.

Thank to the following cameramen who accompanied Stewart McPherson on different parts of my journey; Simon Vacher, Stuart Trowell, Jon Slayer, Rohan Holt and Richard Stevenson.

A special thanks to the Warehouse 51 Productions team for bringing alive the stories of the UK Overseas Territories in the broadcast documentary series: Steve Nicholls and Carl Hall, as well as Ali Bradburn, Nick Cockcroft, Tim Coope, Victoria Coules, Maria Dennett, Martin Elsbury, Sarah-Jane Kempt, Roxanne Lyne, Jack Moody, Dhan Panesar, Heather Paterson and Sarah Whalley.

Thanks to Mike and Ann Pienkowski and Catherine Wensink of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum for all of their help in the completion of the natural history book and this website.

Thanks to Alastair Robinson, Victoria Coules, Colin Clubbe and Robert Irving for editing the book manuscript and to Timothy Kennett of True Editing for his role in enhancing the introductory and concluding chapters. And also thanks to Dr. Johnny Briggs, Charles Clover, Jeff Dawson, George Duffield, Jonathan Hall, Robert Irving, Geoff Jones, Roger Key, Vicky Kindemba, Dan Laffoley and Ross Wanless for providing important sections of text that were integrated into the book manuscript.

Thanks to all image contributors, and to Marc Dando and Andy Smith for preparing the maps that feature in the book and on this website.

To the teams at the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Transglobe Expedition Trust, thank you for providing grants to help this project start.

Many organisations have also helped this project in different ways, and thanks are owed to all of the following: the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, Army Ornithological Society, Blue Marine Foundation, Buglife, Chagos Conservation Trust, Darwin Initiative, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Falklands Conservation, Flora and Fauna International, Friends of the British Overseas Territories, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Helping Hand, International Union for Conservation of Nature, International Union for Conservation of Nature National Committee for the UK, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Marine Conservation Society, People’s Trust for Endangered Species, Pew Charitable Trusts, Reef Environmental Education Foundation, Rotary Foundation, Rotary club of Poole (Rotary district 1110), Royal Air Force Ornithological Society, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, South Georgia Heritage Trust, Southern Cross Club, the UK Overseas Territories Association and the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum.

Thanks also to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for extensive support, and particularly, to Kylie Bamford, Lara Klopper, Eram Qureshi-Hasan.

A very sincere thanks to Lord Michael Ashcroft for his passion for the UK Overseas Territories, and for so generously providing the funds to donate one copy of this book to every secondary school across the United Kingdom and her Overseas Territories in order to educate the next generation about the wildlife, landscapes, people and cultures of Britain’s Treasure Islands.

Lastly, thanks to all who supported Kickstarter crowdfunding efforts to make the ‘mini-documentaries’: Jennifer Allen, Jonathan Allen, Jamie Balfour, Louise Baltesz, Andrew Beveridge, Lucien Blacher, Jeremy Brade, Karen Bradley, Robert Breit, Heather and Keith Burley, John Cadman, Cath Caple, Chris Carnegy, Jack Cederquist and Meg Kennedy Shaw, Glenn Claudi-Magnussen, Mat Cottam, Jill Cripps, Victor Del Porto, Roger Dickey, Laurie Dorfer, Halia Eastburn, Catriona Edwards, Graziano Fiocca, Jim Fowler, Graham Frampton, Lucy Garrett, Nicholas George, François Georges, Mary Gerritsen, Robin Goodman, Renata Goodridge, Susie Grant, Don Gray, Sara Gregson, Jeremiah Harris, Jan Hesse, Nick Hilton, Rohan Holt, Samantha Hurley, Michael Hutchinson, Monica James, Jeno Kapitany, Tony Keegan, Meg Kennedy Shaw, Alain Kern, Kiran Khetia, Stan Lampard, Lachlan Laurie, Julia Lipski, Adamec Lubomir, Clive Lundquist, Chris Mallett, Jane and Tony Marwick, Donald Martin, Linda Masters, Marguerite Mauritz, Michael McCaffrey, Boyd McCleary, Joseph Meier, Leah and Matt Miller, the Morris family (John, Billy, Emma and James), Jocelyn Murgatroyd, Andrew Newton, Ed Norton, Richard Nunn, Iain Orr, Ron Parsons, Keith Porter, Brian Quinn, Shelley Rattink, Alastair Robinson, Jan and Katie Robinson, Joy Rosner, Iain Russell, Pauline Russell, Jeremy Sanders, Aaron Smith, Karen Smith, Kathy Smith, Roy Smith, Simon Smith, Laurent Taerwe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Thomas, Paul Turkentine, Dionisis Varouxis, Martin Villeneuve, Linda Wadey, John and Linda Watson, John Wells, Julia Weston, Barry Wickenden, Brad Wilson, Eddy Words and Andy Wright. Also: Ascension Holdings Limited, Blue Marine Foundation, IUCN, HM Government of Gibraltar, Island Resources Foundation, Migrate Technology Ltd, Obsidian Group Limited, Pew Charitable Trusts, Rotary Club of Poole (District 1110), Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and several anonymous donors. And a big thank you to Steve Nicholls and Simon Vacher for editing these short films.