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The UK Overseas Territories are Britain’s Treasure Islands. Their treasure is not gold or silver, but over 1,000 unique plant and animal species, fascinating cultures and rich history.

Scattered across all seven seas, the Territories cover an area seven times the size of the United Kingdom. They are home to 270,000 British subjects and harbour over 20 times the UK’s biodiversity. Spread across a range of latitudes that extends from the equator to the South pole, the Territories are home to every major habitat-type, including rainforests, coral reefs, volcanic deserts, polar tundra and icy wastes. Yet few Briton’s know the Territories exist, let alone that they form part of the UK today.

This website is intended to showcase Stewart McPherson’s 4-year journey to visit all of the UK Overseas Territories to document their unique wildlife, cultures and history. The pages of this site include text and hundreds of photos relating to each Territory, as well as 42 short ‘mini-documentary’ films which you can watch here free of charge (CLICK HERE). Information and teaser reels for the Britain’s Treasure Islands TV documentary series (CLICK HERE) and the accompanying natural history book (CLICK HERE) is also provided.

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